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At Rehab Associates of Chicago, S.C., we know that recovering from an illness or an injury can be similar to climbing a mountain. In the beginning, recovery may seem like a long and arduous journey. Once patients begin on the path to recovery, however, they are often surprised by how quickly they regain their strength and reach the summit of their rehabilitation goals. Having the medical expertise and support of physicians trained in all areas of rehabilitation helps patients to reach their goals quickly and maintain
hope for tomorrow.

To us, succesful rehabilitation begins with the ability of our physicians to listen to our patients and to understand their goals, fears and challenges. We work with patients and families to help them achieve their goals and return to the highest quality of life as quickly and as safely as possible.


Founded in 2003, the physicians of Rehab Associates of Chicago, S.C., treat adult and pediatric patients with a multitude of medical conditions. We believe that including patients and family members in the decision-making process improves patient's health, maintain independence and maximize their functioning.

As we follow patients through the recovery process, we work together as a team to restore function in patients with a with a wide variety of needs, including those who have experienced brain injuries, amputations, stroke, spinal cord injuries, hip/joint replacements and heart attacks.

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