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Dr. James Young

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Dr. James Young

Dr. James Young is an internationally recognized authority in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. At Rehab Associates of Chicago, Dr. Young leads a team of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists in developing treatment goals and objectives. As a board certified neurologist and physiatrist, Dr. Young recognized the important role family members play in the rehabilitation processand leads a group of multi-disciplinary professionals each week to lend their expertise to families in the Neuro Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Young is an Associate Professor and Medical Director in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

He was recently appointed to the Advisory Council on Spinal Cord and Head Injuries for the State of Illinois as well as the recipient of the 2013 Eugene Thonar Award at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Young devotes time to the Rush Advanced Trauma Training Program for Illinois National Guard and Reserve medics. He also serves as the Medical Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury Section for the The ROAD HOME Program, the Center for Veterans and their families at Rush.

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